FX Console Gallery color space is weird/wrong?

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So I noticed a lot of chatter about a new version of FX Console coming out soon to fix some bugs. Thought I'd chime in.We work in sRGB IEC61966-2.1 (Linearized Working Space) and regularly view out our 32bpc work with Rec709 presets and the like while watching output. I think we would use the FX Console's handy gallery a LOT if it didn't produce a definite COLOR or GAMMA SHIFT (noticably darker) for anything pasted there over what we see in the color space of our output. If that could be fixed, it would sure be handy. At it is, it's essentially unusable as a color/look reference.Be really really great to see that updated as well. (If it hasn't already been addressed. I think we might still be using 1.0, and I notice it has been updated since then. Already there?...)

Please help.

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http://www.videocopilot.net/forum/viewt ... 6&t=129007
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